10 day beginners program

This is where your journey begins, Master Frodo.
10 minutes per day for 10 days in a row.
Practice secret, practice safe!

Startup Week 2.0

This program is for beginners and contains a Tutorial + Flow for each day. Too fast, or too hard? Go take the Yoga for Rocks programs first!

Foundation week

Increasing the challenge slightly, with the next program that will lay the foundation for your future yoga practice.


Feel the Flow

Technically a bundle. But an awesome program to do for 4 weeks!

Intermediate week

Intermediate program will challenge you beyond where you think your limits are.

Yoga Uniao Series #1

Sebastian’s creation and the most difficult program to date. For advanced members only.



40+ Warrior Program

A USADA approved performance enhancer for our 40+ members.


Competition week

Created for the optimal preparation in the days that matter the most.

Breathing Program

Do you like getting tired during rolling? If not, jump in on the breathing program!

Breathing Program 2

Pro breathing instructor Artur Paulins is here to take your breathing methods to the next level


Acro program

Grab your partner and make the fly! Big hit for couples.

Handstand Program

Handstand add +5 intimidation to your score and they boost coolness by 73%.


review1-compressorYoga for rocks #1 – Inverted Guard
Get your body ready to play the open guards, with this specific but generally great program.

review1-compressorYoga for rocks #2 – Hips
This is a perfect program for stiff hips! After a couple of rounds through this program, your hips will feel anew.

review1-compressorYoga for rocks #3 – Legs
Your hamstrings, quads, calves, groin, outer legs are waiting to feel better.

review1-compressorYoga for rocks #4 – Shoulders
Of course we have not forgotten about shoulders. Bad posture, be gone!


Knee rehab program

Anterior Knee Rehab Program

This program by Rosi Sexton will help you with common instances of knee pain!

elbow rehab program

Elbow Rehab Program

Was that armbar too tight? Rosi has got you covered with this supplementary rehab progam!

Shoulder rehab program

Shoulder Rehab Program

Rosi shows how to rehab Rotator Cuff issues that can commonly occur after rolling with that friend who bought our Krazy Kimura instructional

Neck rehab program

Neck Rehab Program

The neck is one of the scariest body parts to injure, for obvious reasons. This program will give you lots of great exercises and tips.

Ankle rehab program

Ankle Sprain Rehab Program

Ankle sprains are really common, especially once you’re playing with footlocks and ankle locks. This is the long awaited solution!

If you have lower back pain when bending forward, sitting or playing guard – start here! You can start with day 1 even if your lower back is stiff AF at the moment!

The adductor muscle group helps pull your knees together and those muscles can get easily injured in jiu jitsu. If you notice for example groin pain while you’re playing guard, this will be your remedy.

If you have lower back pain, hip or gluteal pain – your glutes might be slacking. Pain connected with gluteal tendinopathy normally gets aggravated when sitting, driving and resting. Let’s activate your glutes!

If you have lower back pain when arching backwards, standing, running or sprawling in BJJ – this is the program for you! You can start with day 1 even if you’re experiencing intense pain at the moment.



Hip Week

Don’t let the happy picture fool you. This program starts out crazy hard, and you will suffer through many hardships on your journey. The reward is bigger than destroying Saruman though: Healthy and flexible hips!


Backbody Week

Hamstrings, butt, back, calves and neck. Those are the guys that will be thanking you a week from now!


Back Pain Week

If you have general, mediocre back pain, this is the program for you. If you have an acute injury, don’t do this program.

Neck Week

If you have a stiff neck, this is the program for you. If you have a neck injury, don’t do this program.

Core Program

Five days dedicated to the exercises most need, and most avoid. Not for the lazy ones.

Shoulder Week

Stiff and sore shoulders from rolling hard or lifting weights? This program is the cure.