It’s better than getting trampled at a Walmart I guess, but we’re not into it at Yoga for BJJ. That’s why we haven’t done any deals for Black Friday [...]

You have probably heard people say the words “straighten up!” in an honest way to remind you that slouching is incredibly bad for you. What they don’ [...]

YOGA  FOR BJJ NEWS EPISODE #2 w/Miha Perhavec FAQ, content updates and more Links mentioned in the video: IT band rehab program Athletes flow [...]

It'll be tough, but there is a way. One where you have to put in a lot of hard work.  Sebastian's here to show you which exercises to do and how y [...]

The small caterpillar

This exercise might look funny, but it's such a great way to prep your spine and lower back for training. Especially if you're constantly arching yo [...]

I got scared into Yoga for BJJ, how did it happen? I got scared into Yoga for BJJ, honestly. I spend a fair bit of my time playing guard with my sp [...]

10 minute video for stiff hips

This is a short video to improve your hip range of motion and flexibility. Do it consistently and you'll be impressed with your results. Used to be [...]

Interview with Jason Crandell

INTERVIEW WITH JASON CRANDELL Yoga for BJJ recently interviewed one of the best vinyasa yoga teachers on the planet - Jason Crandell. He has taug [...]

Video to combat sitting

April 10, 2018 Whether you drive to work, have a desk job, take the bus/train probably find yourself sitting a lot during the day. Our [...]

Straddle pose: Tips & Variations

[et_pb_section admin_label="section" background_image="" transparent_background="of [...]

Yoga for BJJ Podcast #1

Tune in to the first ever Yoga for BJJ Podcast! We answer common questions and let you know who we are. The iTunes version is available here: https:// [...]

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