Am I too stiff for Yoga?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Yoga is that you need to be flexible to do it. This is like thinking that you need to be fit to start Jiu Ji [...]

Stretching should NOT be associated with torturing yourself. Quite the opposite - it should feel good while doing it. You should be able to relax, ot [...]

I know what you might be thinking... Who has the time or energy to do stretches after training? Especially if the higher belts opened a can of porrad [...]

It’s better than getting trampled at a Walmart I guess, but we’re not into it at Yoga for BJJ. That’s why we haven’t done any deals for Black Friday [...]

You have probably heard people say the words “straighten up!” in an honest way to remind you that slouching is incredibly bad for you. What they don’ [...]

It'll be tough, but there is a way. One where you have to put in a lot of hard work.  Sebastian's here to show you which exercises to do and how y [...]

YOGA  FOR BJJ NEWS EPISODE #2 w/Miha Perhavec FAQ, content updates and more Links mentioned in the video: IT band rehab program Athletes flow [...]

The small caterpillar

This exercise might look funny, but it's such a great way to prep your spine and lower back for training. Especially if you're constantly arching yo [...]

10 minute video for stiff hips

This is a short video to improve your hip range of motion and flexibility. Do it consistently and you'll be impressed with your results. Used to be [...]

Spinal maintenance

How does your spine feel after training? This is a simple and short video that will give your spine a nice reset. Do it before and after training fo [...]

I got scared into Yoga for BJJ, how did it happen? I got scared into Yoga for BJJ, honestly. I spend a fair bit of my time playing guard with my sp [...]

Interview with Jason Crandell

INTERVIEW WITH JASON CRANDELL Yoga for BJJ recently interviewed one of the best vinyasa yoga teachers on the planet - Jason Crandell. He has taug [...]

Video to combat sitting

April 10, 2018 Whether you drive to work, have a desk job, take the bus/train probably find yourself sitting a lot during the day. Our [...]

Straddle pose: Tips & Variations

[et_pb_section admin_label="section" background_image="" transparent_background="of [...]

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